Podman Cheatsheet


docker`users `podman != docker. There are very significant differences due to the architecture etc.

Basic Podman Commands

pip install ansible

Install a specific package version

pip install ansible==2.7.8

Uninstall a python package

pip uninstall ansible

See what versions are available (use illegal version string!)

pip install ansible==foobar

Upgrade a package

pip install --upgrade ansible or pip install ansible -U

Package Management

List installed packages

pip list

List outdated installed packages

pip list --outdated

Upgrade installed package

pip install --upgrade ansible or -U

Capture installed packages

pip freeze > requirements.txt

Install a dependencies file

pip freeze -r requirements.txt

Search for a package

pip search foo

Deleting secondary or unwanted dependencies, not so easy, hacky solution? :(

  1. Capture your dependencies pip freeze > requirements.ym;

  2. Edit requirements.yml removing unwanted dependencies

  3. Make a new virtualenv

  4. Install your new dependencies list pip install -r requirements.yml